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The Street Fighter 6 personality quiz will help pick your fighter and control scheme

Capcom has put out a Street Fighter 6 personality quiz to help you settle on a character and control scheme ahead of the game's June 2 launch.

If you're unsure which of Street Fighter 6's 18 world warriors you want to pick right off the bat, then Capcom's quiz may be able to point you in the right direction. And, well, it's just a good bit of fun, isn't it?

Whether you're completely new to the genre or a pro who's dabbled in all the best fighting games, it's worth taking the quiz for a spin. Questions range from how you prefer to approach your opponent to how comfortable you are in playing mind games with them. Give it a try here on the official Street Fighter 6 website and you may just find your new (or first ever) main.

It's worth noting that the quiz probably won't be 100% accurate. I ended up with Blanka, but as a fan of all-out offense, I'm more likely to put more time into Cammy or Ken. Still, the outcome of Blanka did fit the answers I provided. So if you're completely fresh to the series with Street Fighter 6, I reckon the personality quiz could certainly point you in at least the right direction.

Street Fighter 6 personality quiz results

(Image credit: Capcom)

If you're wondering what the differences between the game's control schemes are, it's quite straightforward. Classic works as Street Fighter always has, utilizing the tried-and-true six button layout and full motion inputs for special moves.

Modern is a bit of a misnomer, as Classic isn't exactly outdated. But the new control scheme offers a more streamlined approach. Inputs are simplified and combos can be performed from basic macros. It may prove to be contentious in the online community, as it's allowed in ranked play, but it's a fantastic accessibility tool for newer players and could eventually be your gateway into classic.

No matter if you follow the personality quiz's guidance or not, Street Fighter 6 is shaping up to be an excellent time for both returning veterans and newcomers. The beta periods have been received very warmly, and the recent World Tour demo has given players a glimpse at the game's solo offerings.

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