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Critically acclaimed Batman Arkham Trilogy is coming to Nintendo Switch

A small but significant announcement from the recent Nintendo Direct June 2023 showcase was that the excellent Batman: Arkham Trilogy is making its way on Nintendo Switch later this year.

The critically acclaimed trilogy from Rocksteady will arrive this fall on the mobile console and is a welcome addition to the Switch's library. It's not often you get a drop of arguably the best Batman games of all time on any platform, let alone some of the best superhero games.

The release will include Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight along with all the DLC so it's a hell of a package. 

You can see the full reveal trailer below.

These three games from Rocksteady have long been favourites of fans and often held up as the pinnacle of superhero video games - until the likes of Marvel's Spider-Man came along, of course. The fluid combat, detective-style quests, and brilliant cast of characters and voice actors, along with a living breathing representation of Gotham City, made of a near-perfect recipe. And one that's going to be excellent to revisit on the Switchm, or jump into for the first time.

This collection of classics coming to Switch wasn't the only such announcement from the June 2023 Nintendo Direct: slithering onto the platform is also the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Volume 1. This is also a welcome addition to the library on Switch and means a whole new audience can enjoy some spectacular and acclaimed games from yesteryear.

However, one factor about the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Volume 1 might also give Batman fans pause for thought. The physical edition former looks to only have 2.4GB of data actually loaded onto the cartridge which means you'll have to have an internet connection to actually obtain the rest of the data and games - that you bought. Physically. It's not necessarily a surprise nowadays, but these are older games so don't take up much space by default. If the Arkham Trilogy shares this then fans might not be best pleased, once again.

While a collection of 'older' games, the Arkham Trilogy will not be a hotly anticipated upcoming game and will be one of the best new Switch games of the year.

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