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Diablo 4 players are about to get a serious XP boost in the new update

The newest update for Diablo 4 rewards players for all their hard work with extra class buffs and EXP boosts. 

"The Diablo 4 team has been diligently monitoring your feedback" the news blog said. "We'll introduce patches to keep your experience in Sanctuary smooth". The new 1.0.3 build has a lot of new features for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5

There's extensive bug fixes, in-game updates, and improvements to local co-op, quests, UI, and of course EXP which are all fantastically extensive. However, one of the biggest changes apparent are players being able to teleport to a Nightmare Dungeon directly through the map. It turns out the Diablo 4 devs really can "fix all [our] problems"

Nightmare dungeons are also getting some serious updates with the EXP significantly increasing for a reward, and now monsters killed in these dungeons will drop more EXP as well. 

Some classes are also getting various buffs. Almost everything in the patch notes was an improvement of some sort. However, rest assured everything increased was proportional, meaning if a skill has a 10% chance of doing something and was improved with a 50% buff it now has a 15% chance of doing so. 

Here's a summary of class buffs:

  • Barbarian's getting buffs to its kick, Iron Skin, and legendary aspects.
  • Druid's Lightning Storm, Hurricane, Rabies, Cataclysm, and Lacerate got a buff. 
  • Necromancer's Reap and Bone Prison CD were reduced, and Kalan's Edict and Rathma's Vigor were buffed. 
  • Rogue's Heartseeker damage on Primary Heartseeker were improved and Smoke Grenade, Rain of Arrows, and Escape Artist cooldown were all reduced.
  • Sorcerer's Singed Extremities slow effect and Abundant Energy were both improved.

Check out the full details of upgrades for more information on class buffs. 

Some players are happier than others with these fixes. While every class got a buff of some sort, there were a few that got less love than others. Sorcerer's class buffs weren't as substantial as some would have hoped. With some fans complaining that "these buffs do next to nothing and don't address the issues" according to one Reddit user.

Now most of the classes have got some serious buffs players will be able hunt for Diablo 4's rarest items with ease.

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