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God of War Ragnarok art director joins Netflix Games to work with Halo veteran

The art director from PlayStation 5 blockbuster God of War Ragnarok has revealed that he is moving to Netflix Games to join up with Halo Infinite veteran Joseph Staten.

When two titans of the games industry join forces and collaborate on something, it's always noteworthy, but with these two also being backed by Netflix's cash, the unannounced "AAA multiplatform" in the works there has the (potential) makings of something great.

Grasetti had been at Santa Monica Studio for a full 10 years, joining in 2013 after working in art at both PlayStation and Bioware previously. He was then the principal artist on God of War 2018, then the art director on Ragnarok. That's quite the CV. But after 10 years, Grasetti tweeted that he was leaving the company for something else, and now we know what.

As to what exactly the folks at Netflix Games are working on, we know very little indeed. The move into mobile games is more concrete, with the platform offering more than 50 mobile games currently. The move to the AAA market shows a greater ambition, though, and, combined with attracting the top talent from the industry, clearly demonstrates a move to bigger, more high-profile games is well underway. 

Having the pedigree of the art director from one of the best PS5 games in existence currently, is only going to excite folks and automatically inject a level of quality into whatever Netflix Games is cooking. Throw in the fact that Staten and Grasetti are joining others at Netflix Games such as Jerry Edsall and Chacko Sonny of Gears and Overwatch fame respectively, and the potential potency of what's being made enhances only further still. It's all a bit mysterious and hush-hush right now, but consider our curiosity piqued.

Remember, God of War Ragnarok is also on PlayStation 4 offering one of the best PS4 games going, and Halo Infinite is an absolute must-have among the best Xbox Series X games too!

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