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Payday 3 devs want to team up with Die Hard or Batman for future crossovers

The Payday 3 devs recently revealed that they would love to have a crossover where players have to fight against Batman or John McLane. 

In an interview with TechRadar Gaming, Starbreeze’s global brand director, Almir Listo, and producer, Andreas Häll-Penninger, discussed future plans for Payday 3 and where they want the series to head. 

“We really just wanted to capture the Payday feeling and modernize it a little bit,” says Häll-Penninger. Previously, Payday 2 had a bountiful crossover with John Wick and Hotline Miami and now it looks like the devs want to relive that success. 

“Spontaneously, I’d love to do something with Die Hard, and have John McClane show up as a cloaker,” says Listo. “Or Batman, you’re on voice chat screaming ‘It’s the f**king Batman.’ I like the idea that you’re robbing a place, and you see the bat signal out over the sky, and you just know he’s coming.” While the threat of famous vigilantes is the last thing a gang of criminals would possibly want, the addition of famous personalities to the game could be a real treat for players.

As Payday 3 is set in New York city, there's clearly fertile ground for crossovers. After all, an impressive range of fictional goons and crime-fighting vigilantes alike are known to call the Big Apple their home.  “The Continental Hotel is based in New York, right?” says Listo. “John Wick was a cool collaboration with Lionsgate that worked for them and worked for us. It’d be good to revisit that.” 

The Continental Hotel would be an iconic and luxurious setting that would fulfill the dreams of John Wick fans instantly. The possibility of assassins hiding around every corner alongside intricate traps laying around the hotel would do much to make this setting an adrenaline junkie's playground. 

Crossover or no crossover, our Payday 3 preview revealed that Starbreeze's newest FPS game is not only riotous fun, but it may also be a strong contender for our best FPS games list and our list of the very best co-op games.

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