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Some of the biggest PS5 games are heavily discounted in a new PS Plus sale

Sony has launched a PlayStation Plus Double Discount sales event which sees over 500 games heavily discounted exclusively for subscribers that runs until June 21. 

As far as massive summer sales go, they don't get much bigger than this PlayStation Plus priority sale, which sees up to 35% reductions on some of the best PS5 games, doubling up to 70% if you're a member of the paid service. If you're looking for some new titles to experience on your PS5 then this is an opportunity you won't want to pass up on. 

Some truly huge franchises are seeing their price tags slashed as big names such as Assassin's Creed, Yakuza, Final Fantasy, Rainbow Six, and Resident Evil are included here. Some of our picks of the largest highlights include 75% off of the awesome Assassin's Creed Valhalla (with 70% off the Complete Edition) as well as 50% off the spinetingling combo of Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village

We're very much just scratching the surface of what's available from PS5 games compared to the best PS4 games - which are also natively playable on the system. If you're solely interested in current-gen console exclusives then this sale's got your back as you can get some of the deepest discounts seen yet on the likes of Demon's Souls, Returnal, as well as Rachet and Clank: Rift Apart, too. The PlayStation Blog has the full list of over 550 games if you want to have an easier time scouring for something specific rather than wading through the store's U.I. 

It's an excellent time to be a PlayStation gamer, and you can make the most of the console's capabilities by incorporating one of the best monitors for PS5, or one of the best PS5 controllers into your setup. You'll also need adequate space to store your freshly purchased games and that's where the best SSD for PS5 should come in clutch. 

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