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Starfield's physical editions will not include "physical discs"

It looks like Starfield will not be available on physical discs.

Even though physical editions of the action-RPG are currently up for pre-order, a quickly-deleted tweet from the Bethesda Support Twitter account revealed earlier today that "there are no physical discs", and "all physical editions include a code for the chosen platform".

This is the internet, though, so nothing disappears for good, and the tweet is still available to see on the internet archive site, Wayback Machine.

Bethesda's tweet confirming there will be no physical discs

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Plenty of players have reached out to Bethesda on its official social media accounts and the account that made – and then deleted – the news, but to no avail. 

Right now, it's unclear if the tweet was inaccurate or just plain wrong, and without reliable Twitter verification, it's hard to know exactly which Twitter accounts are real or not. Bethesda has yet to comment on the situation either way.

Starfield is set to release September 6 on PC and Xbox Series X/S. 

Todd Howard recently announced that Starfield's romance options will revolve around four main characters

Despite the 1,000 planets and billions of inhabitants in Starfield, it turns out there'll only be four romanceable characters. In June 22's Kinda Funny Xcast, Howard spoke about romance options in the open-world RPG. 

"The four main Constellation ones are the ones that support full questlines for them and for romance," Howard said at the time, answering a viewer question about romances in the new game.

We also recently discovered that Starfield will have various handcrafted locations placed around the galaxy on specific planets in set locations, whilst others will be randomly generated when a player lands on a planet. However, there's no fishing. Sorry, fish fans. 

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