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Tom Clancy's The Division Resurgence release date platforms everything we know

As possibly one of the next biggest things in mobile gaming, a lot of eyes are on The Division Resurgence release date now.

The long-awaited next, and mobile, installment to Tom Clancy’s The Division franchise, The Division Resurgence arrives later this year - yet we are still waiting to learn about what this game has to offer. But we can start picking apart trailers and information apart now, ahead of its release, to see how this installment will separate itself from its predecessors, and how it will alter itself to suit a new platform.

We’ve received a significant amount of trailers and in-game insights now, so there’s quite a lot to unpack. With the most recent trailer being showcased as part of the Ubisoft Forward event too, there’s no better time to start looking into why The Division Resurgence should be one of your most anticipated upcoming games. Here’s everything we know so far about what could be one of the best Android games of recent years.

The Division Resurgence - cut to the chase 

gameplay and UI within The Division Resurgence

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

What is it? A free-to-play, third-person shooter RPG mobile game
When can I play it? Fall 2023
What can I play it on? Android and iOS
Who’s making it? Ubisoft 

The Division Resurgence release date and platforms

Despite the generous amount of trailers and in-game content, we don't yet have a solid The Division Resurgence release date yet. Instead, we have a release window of Fall 2023, which leaves a significant window of potential for when the game eventually arrives.

The Division Resurgence will release exclusively on Android and iOS devices, shaking things up from the previous The Divison games which were released on console and PC, but offering a new story alongside its new platform. In addition, the game is entirely free-to-play on mobile devices. Should the release be as streamlined as we are anticipating, it could be a hell of a hit on mobile.

There’s currently nothing to suggest that the game will eventually come to PC or home console, but basing our assumption on how the game appears to be built exclusively for mobile devices right now, we believe that there are no plans for the game to ever leave its mobile exclusivity. 

The Division Resurgence gameplay

In terms of gameplay, we know a pretty limited amount about what to expect from The Division Resurgence as a whole. We’ve received a short, three-minute look at the in-game content, but aside from using a minimap to track a mission, a slight look at how combat plays, and a look at the new compact UI designed specifically for mobile play, there’s a lot to learn still. 

Even though The Division Resurgence is set to arrive on a new platform for the franchise, you can expect the game to play in the same style as the previous Division games. Between tense combat and completing missions, you’ll be able to work your way through a skill tree, alongside exploring what the new classes offer and how you can utilize them during your time in Resurgence.

Each class or specialization has a unique skill tree, so whether you’re more of a vanguard or if you’d rather rely on explosives for a quick and easy takedown, you’ll need to focus on improving your own skills to help out teammates and progress through side missions, and the campaign. 

In addition, the time it takes to complete central and side missions has been reduced, so you will be able to play in short bursts while on the go, ideal for any mobile gamer. Despite these missions being significantly shorter in completion time in comparison to The Division and The Division 2, that doesn’t mean they lack detail. 

You should expect to have your skills put to the test in each mission, whether that’s through a grab-and-go mission or something more hands-on with the enemies. Looting and crafting have also been highlighted to be integral to the game, being the core mechanic when upgrading your weapons and your gear. 

The Division Resurgence story and setting

The Division Resurgence promises a new storyline based on the previous two Division games while maintaining a familiar setting stripped from the first game. The Division Resurgence puts you in the position of becoming a member of the first wave of Strategic Homeland Division agents, amidst a virus outbreak in New York City. 

New York will set the scene for the game, as you will need to defend the metropolitan area against waves of enemies and crime syndicates, alongside completing missions to help you explore the area. 

There will be a variety of PVE missions on offer, both as part of the central campaign and as unique side missions to help you explore the world outside of your placement in New York. We are yet to learn about what these missions will specifically involve, but we do know that the post-apocalyptic setting is home to numerous hostile enemies you should expect to face during your time with the title.

The Division Resurgence trailers

The most recent look we’ve had at The Division Resurgence is through a Tactical Action CGI Trailer which was shown as part of Ubisoft Forward Live in June 2023. Within this trailer, we see an animated rendition of the setting, characters, abilities, and combat we can expect to experience throughout the game. We also meet a few enemies and their coinciding attacks, before seeing what looks like a look at actual in-game footage followed by the release window of Fall 2023.  

More trailers

We’ve scattered a few additional trailers for The Division Resurgence throughout this article, but if you want to find out a little more for yourself, it’s worth looking at Ubisoft's official YouTube channel

The Division Resurgence news

The Division Resurgence key art

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Release window for The Division Resurgence shown at Ubisoft Forward
Almost a year after its initial reveal trailer, The Division Resurgence has finally received a release window as part of the Ubisoft Forward showcase. Rather than pinpointing an exact date as to when we can expect The Division Resurgence to arrive on mobile, we have been given the entire window of ‘Fall 2023.’

The Division Resurgence receives a world introduction trailer
Six months after the release of its official reveal, The Division Resurgence world introduction trailer offers a more in-depth look at the world we will explore within the game. Similarly to the first The Division game, we are taken back to New York to embark on some high-risk high-reward missions in an attempt to save what remains of civilization. Between a cinematic introduction and in-game content, 

The Division Resurgence receives official reveal trailer
The official reveal trailer for The Division Resurgence launched in 2022, offering the first look at what to expect from the mobile-only title. Transporting us back to New York, the original setting for the first Division game, we get to see the collapse of civilization and agents of the division stepping up to save what remains. A few different areas of what we expect to be the map are shown before the trailer comes to a close with no release date. 

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