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AI “doesn’t allow" for "creativity” says Baldur’s Gate 3 voice actor

In an interview with TRG this afternoon (July 27), Baldur's Gate 3 voice actors Devora Wilde - playing Lae'zel - and Jennifer English, who plays Shadowheart, talked about the use of AI in games instead of human actors. 

Wilde spoke on the ongoing SAG-AFRA and Writers Guild of America strikes, as well as the concerns raised by the union about AI replacing flesh-and-blood actors. "I think we're all kind of worried about the issues that are being brought up by the strikes, and rightly so." 

That said, Wilde is confident that AI cannot "replicate the breadth of our performances and the depth of the emotional quality we bring to the characters [we play]." 

English added: "What [AI] doesn't allow for is creativity and conversation between multiple people and the new ideas that it brings."

As far as Wilde is concerned, AI technology isn't "there yet" when it comes to replicating the range and capacities of a human actor. "We bring something human to these characters," she continued. 

Wilde was more concerned about the possibility of AI technology improving to the level where it can mimic human emotions:  "We would be very upset if it did get to that stage." 

English adds: "I'm not worried about it stealing my [job]. Well, no, I am."

As with any new tool, AI could bring great benefits. As it stands, however, actors are increasingly finding their likenesses scanned and reused while one group of voice actors found that their voices had been recreated with AI for use in mods without their permission.  

Should this technology continue to proliferate without regulation, the livelihoods of actors across the world will, no doubt, be negatively affected. Should AI be properly regulated, it could turn from a job-threatening spectre to a helpful tool, but this will require direct action from governments. Though an AI regulation Bill is currently on the floor of the House of Commons in the UK, only time will tell as to whether or not the legislation will implement suitable protections across the industry.

 In the meantime please enjoy our list of the best RPGs and the best co-op game, both of which were written by human beings.

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