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Immortals of Aveum release date, gameplay and everything we know

The Immortals of Aveum release date has now been revealed, and even after being pushed back a month, it's just around the corner. From what we've seen so far, the game looks set to offer a fun spin on the classic FPS formula.

You play as Jak in Immortals of Aveum, who, after having gained new powers, is thrust into an endless war for the control of magic. The realms of Lucium and Rasharn battle it out, in a war that has decimated the world of Aveum, and the people that live within it. 

While we wait for Immortals of Aveum to come out, here's everything that's been revealed about the game so far. That includes a look at gameplay, some of the latest news, as well as info on the game's start and setting. Who knows, when it comes out it could end up being one of the best FPS games released for a while. Here's hoping.

Immortals of Aveum - cut to the chase

  • What is it? A spell-casting FPS 
  • When is it coming out? August 22, 2023
  • What can I play it on? PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5
  • Who makes it? Ascendent Studios

Immortals of Aveum release date and platforms

A close up of a character's face in Immortals of Aveum

(Image credit: EA)

The Immortals of Aveum release date is August 22, 2023, and the game will launch on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

It will not release on older consoles like PS4 and Xbox One, according to the game's FAQ page. This is reportedly to "deliver maximum fidelity, performance, and a cutting edge cinematic campaign experience true to the Ascendant team’s vision."

Immortals of Aveum trailers

The latest trailer that we've got for Immortals of Aveum was revealed at Comic Con 2023. It's a cinematic trailer that details the characters you'll meet in the game, hailing from Lucium and Rasharn. you can check it out below:

For more Immortals of Aveum trailers, be sure to visit the game's official YouTube channel. We've also included some of them throughout this article, including some that show off the dazzling spell-based action.

Immortals of Aveum story and setting

A sci-fi landscape filled with an ensuing battle

(Image credit: EA)

Immortals of Aveum is set within the world Aveum, which itself is split into five realms. The realms, which are Oremen, Lucium, K'ley, Rasharn, and Kalthus, are each divided by a deep chasm called The Wound. These five kingdoms have each been affected by the Everwar, a battle that has raged on for millennia. Because of the destruction, only Lucium and Rasharn are the only two superpowers left, with directly opposing views of how magic should be handled and distributed by those in power.

You play Jak, a reluctant hero that is thrust into the Everwar after acquiring new powers. You'll use these powers to push back the forces of darkness, and hopefully end the war that has been decimating the five realms for all this time. So far, it's unclear whether or not you will have much control of the story, or if you are firmly on the side of Lucium in this battle. It does seem like you will have control over both red and blue magic, so perhaps there's potential to learn techniques from all sides during the story. Time will tell.

Immortals of Aveum gameplay

Immortals of Aveum is essentially a first-person shooter, but instead of guns and bullets, you're using magic and spells to do damage. You'll have access to 25 spells, split into blue, red, and green magic. 

Blue magic deals with the physical manipulation of matter, allowing you to fire precise bolts, spontaneously form shields and defensive walls or manipulate gravity. Red magic spells can rend, and harness energy in extreme ways, manipulating it to unleash destructive beams. Green magic deals with growth, death, and transition. Spells manipulate enemies and objects by altering them or their surroundings. Bind objects in place, misdirect with illusions, or dispel an enemy's ability to cast or heal.

There are also 80 talents, which add modifiers to your spells. There's magical gear to find, upgrade and craft as well, which will presumably boost your offensive and defensive capabilities.

As you progress through Immortals of Aveum, you'll visit 12 biomes, hosting three bustling hubs where you can chat with locals. There are large stretches of wilderness too, which can be explored for gear and lore.

Immortals of Aveum latest news

Immortals of Aveum delayed by one month
On June 20, 2023, a post was published over on the official Immortals of Aveum blog. It announced a delay for the game, pushing it to August 22, 2023. The following reason was given:

"In order to realize our full vision, we are going to take a few extra weeks, making our new launch date Tuesday, August 22nd. This will give us time to further polish the game, finish optimizing all platforms, and deliver a strong launch. We owe it to ourselves and to you to get this right."

That's everything we know about Immortals of Aveum. For more on the biggest games still to come out this year, check out our look at Upcoming Games for 2023.

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