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Invincible Presents: Atom Eve offers a comic-book style visual novel on PC

Terrible Posture Games has teamed up with Jill Murray and Rossi Gifford on Invincible Presents: Atom Eve, a visual novel RPG adaptation following one of the Atom Eve, one of the protagonists from the Invincible comic books and animated series. 

Terrible Posture is best known for its work on The Walking Dead: Last Mile and Mothergunship, while Jill Murray, Atom Eve's creative director, has worked as narrative lead on games like Boyfriend Dungeon, and Rossi Gifford, Atom Eve's art director, has previously worked as a character designer at Riot Games, and Marvel.

Set to arrive on PC in 2023, this will expand on the universe of Invincible, and have you playing as Atom Eve and her civilian identity, Samantha Eve Wilkins. Between balancing the responsibilities of being a superhero and the challenges of everyday life, you’ll need to make decisions to shape Atom Eve’s relationships and define the outcome of her story. 

Multiple paths are available to take which impact your playthrough in a variety of ways. Some paths will focus on increasing Eve’s power, while others will unlock special combat skills or unique dialogue that should make each life feel unique. The story is designed to be unique to the player due to how many options there are, so you’ll be able to play to a story that suits you.

In it's official announcement trailer, we receive the first look at the vibrant, comic-inspired world alongside a brief insight into its light, turn-based combat system and visual novel character interaction. The full announcement trailer can be seen below. 

Robert Kirkman, Chairman and Chief Creative Office of Skybound Entertainment, stated “I love this game for its fresh spin on the original comic’s artwork and style. Terrible Posture Games, Jill Murray, and Rossi Gifford do an incredible job of bringing 20 years of Invincible to new life in a game that really looks and feels like a comic book.”

For more action-packed gaming, we’ve got a list of the best superhero games which could prepare you for the launch of Invincible Presents: Atom Eve, but if you’re something a bit more combat-heavy, it’s worth checking out our page on the Mortal Kombat 1 release date, roster, and everything we know so far. 

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