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PSA: Ubisoft is deleting "inactive accounts" and the games those accounts have bought

Do you have a lot of games sitting in your Ubisoft account? You should keep an eye on your email, then – miss the chance to "cancel your account closure", and you may see your account deleted, and all your games with it.

That's according to a new social media post that's doing the rounds, showing a genuine email from Ubisoft telling Twitter user PC_enjoyer that if they don't log into their account in the next 30 days and click on the Cancel Account Closure link, their account, and the games attached to it, may be deleted.

"We noticed that you have not been using your Ubisoft account associated with [your email address]," the email said. 

"We have temporarily suspended your inactive Ubisoft account and will be closing it permanently in 30 days in accordance with our Terms of Use.

"If you wish to keep your Ubisoft account, you can cancel its closure by clicking on the Cancel button below."

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Interestingly, Ubisoft's own verified support team reached out to the Twitter account directly in the replies and assured the player that if they click the link, their account and games will be safe.

"We just wanted to chime in that you can avoid the account closure by logging into your account within the 30 days (since receiving the email pictured) and selecting the Cancel Account Closure link contained in the email," the support team explained. "We certainly do not want you to lose access to your games or account, so if you have any difficulties logging in then please create a support case with us."

It comes too late for some people in the post's comments, however. One said that they "lost [their] Ubisoft account and all the Ubisoft games [they'd] bought are now useless", while another said: "I don't have access to the email address on my account because the email service closed down, and I can't change it because I have no access to the CD Keys on the account… absolute joke".

Ubisoft has invited both players to get in touch to get help recovering their accounts. Other players who have got in touch about the account deletion issue are being told that Ubisoft is "not closing active accounts", although no one's entirely sure how often you need to log into your account in order to keep it "active".

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