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Diablo 4 players have shattered the barrier between the two seasons with this weird glitch

Diablo 4 players have found a weird glitch that'll let you bring over characters from the Eternal Realm to its Seasonal equivalent.

While Diablo 4 does allow Seasonal characters to carry over some progress from the Eternal Realm, those looking to get in on the new content have to start at level 1 again with no items or gold. 

However, for those who don't want to wave goodbye to all their progress, there's a new glitch that players are using to bridge the gap between the Eternal and Seasonal Realms. 

YouTuber Glitch Unlimited recently explained the realm-hopping technique you can use to benefit your character on either side of this divide. Thanks to the glitch, Eternal Realm characters can pick and use new Legendary items with seasonal aspects on them (this does not apply to Malignant Hearts). You can also sell items for gold which can be used on the Seasonal Realm to put points into the Seasonal Blessings, which will increase XP gains and levels. 

In order to bridge the gap, you'll need to exploit Diablo 4 on a technical level. Apparently, you can join friends in a Seasonal Realm and then immediately disconnect from the internet. After this, you can log back in as an Eternal Realm character while retaining all of your items. 

If you want to leave a pleasant surprise for your seasonal character, then before you disconnect, leave a powerful item in your fourth stash tab. This will allow you to gift your character powerful Legendary or Unique items. 

So, if you want to give your Seasonal character a helping hand, then it's best to transfer the items over quickly, as thanks to the strict rules for realm transfers, this glitch likely won't last long. However, Blizzard may punish you for using this tactic, so do this at your own risk. 

While the separate realms may be confusing to get your head around, the UI certainly isn't, as Diablo 4 teaches us that less is more

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