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Keith David will step into the role of Destiny 2's Commander Zavala

Bungie has confirmed that Destiny’s Commander Zavala has been recast following the tragic passing of Lance Reddick earlier this year, but stated that the late actor’s existing work in the games will remain untouched.

In a Destiny 2 blog post published on the official Bungie website, the developers celebrated “the passion and professionalism Lance brought to the role” and added that his impact “will never be forgotten”. However, with Zavala being “central to the story” since the first Destiny game, the developers have “plans to continue his journey”.

“Keith David, a prolific actor on the stage and in television, film, and games, will assume the English language voice of Zavala in The Final Shape and beyond,” the post reads. “Separately, Lance’s existing lines in-game will remain untouched for the upcoming release.”

David has voiced a number of iconic characters in a variety of games, including Sergeant Foley in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Arbiter Thel’ Vadam in the Halo games, and David Anderson in the Mass Effect series.

“I am honored to continue the great work of Lance Reddick as Zavala. Lance captured the character's sense of integrity so wonderfully. It is my intention to continue that work,” David said in a statement (via Bungie).

Reddick, who was best known within the gaming community for voicing Zavala in Bungie’s multiplayer FPS series, as well as Sylens in Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, passed away in March. At the time, Bungie honored the actor as “an iconic presence on screen, in Destiny, and most importantly, in person”, and stated: “To say he will be missed is a profound understatement, yet no less true.”

In June, Guerrilla Games added a tribute to Reddick in Forbidden West. On Twitter, the studio wrote: “In honor of Lance Reddick, we created a memorial to commemorate the profound impact he had on us all. Thank you, Lance, for everything you brought to the role of Sylens: your gravitas, energy, wisdom and more. An incomparable talent and friend. We miss you terribly.”

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