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Outcast - A New Beginning gets new trailer showing its gorgeous open world

Outcast - A New Beginning just got a brand-new trailer thanks to the THQ Nordic 2023 Digital Showcase, and we know a whole load of fresh details about it, too.

In case you were unaware, Outcast - A New Beginning was announced two years ago during the THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary stream event. It serves as a sequel to 1999’s highly revered Outcast - an action-adventure title that got a full remake in 2017 titled Outcast - Second Contact

The original game (and its remake, obviously) follows an intriguing story set in 2007, in which the U.S. government sends a probe to an alien planet in a parallel universe. A lifeform damages the probe, which causes harmful energy to form a black hole, putting Earth in danger. It’s up to the ex-U.S. Navy Seal Cutter Slade (what a name) and a handful of scientists to save the planet by recovering the probe.

As for the sequel, Cutter Slade is back on the alien planet of Adelpha, although this time, he finds that the world’s inhabitants - the Talans - have been enslaved, the entire place has been stripped of natural resources, and there are robot invaders to deal with who seem to be linked to his own past. Players will be able to explore the gorgeous open world at their own pace and work on rebuilding the planet (by fixing up villages, taking care of nature, and even sorting out the economy).

During a media briefing prior to the showcase, it was confirmed that Outcast - A New Beginning will be around 35 hours long, which is significantly larger than both the original game and its remake. For reference, HowLongToBeat estimates that completionists generally spend just over 23 hours on Outcast - Second Contact.

The game is coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, although it’s still not been given a release date. With that being said, during the media briefing, it was revealed that the game is currently close to beta and that we can apparently “expect some news about the release date pretty soon”.

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