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PUBG Mobile's Dragon Ball Super crossover will hopefully 'inspire players to survive and fight until the end'

PUBG Mobile's collaboration with Dragon Ball Super landed last month, but Vincent Wang hopes that fans are still enjoying this creative crossover. 

The head of PUBG Mobile, Vincent Wang, has highlighted just how important the newest crossover is for the free-to-play title. "There are many connections in the values held by both PUBG Mobile and the iconic characters in Dragon Ball Super. From courage and tenacity to the importance of working as a team, we want to share these with our players, to inspire them to survive and fight until the end."

The biggest draw of the crossover is the Dragon Ball Super-themed game mode, referred to as Shenron Gameplay. In this mode, players will be able to fight as Sanhok, Erangel, and Livik with the goal of collecting every Dragon Ball that is scattered across the map. 

The game mode will also forego the usual realistic approach that PUBG is known for, opting instead for a Dragon Ball stylistic animated map. Hopefully, players can appreciate these new creative choices, but if this isn't what you're looking for, then rest assured the usual maps and modes will still be available to play.

However, fans shouldn't be too surprised as this isn't the first time PUBG has taken this kind of artistic approach to collaborations. "Having worked with Japanese animation franchises in the past, such as Evangelion and Jujutsu Kaisen, the Dragon Ball series seemed to be a natural fit considering the unprecedented impression it's made globally", Wang said.

In fact, Dragon Ball is such a recognizable brand that the anime series already has multiple collaborations with titles such as Fortnite. Despite this, Wang is confident that PUBG Mobile is offering a unique experience that fans of the shooter game and anime will appreciate alike. "We believe we’re giving PUBG Mobile fans something special here, regardless of collaborations they’ve done with other games".

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