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Riot Project L release date, gameplay, everything we know

Riot’s Project L has been causing a stir since its initial announcement in 2021, but four years later we are still waiting for information as integral as its final name. That said, we have collected a reasonable amount of information over the last few years which has let us begin to construct an idea of what we can expect from the project, and when we can expect it to come to fruition. 

There is a mass of upcoming games worth keeping an eye on, which we would add Riot’s Project L too, even with how vague the release seems right now. Still, we’re keeping a close eye since it could very well become one of the best fighting games when it does eventually see the light. Regardless of how limited information is right now, we’ve compiled all there is to know about the game and its content. Here’s everything we know so far.

Riot's Project L - cut to the chase 

Characters fighting in Project L

(Image credit: Riot)
  •  What is it? A free-to-play 2D League of Legends fighting game 
  •  When can I play it? TBA 
  •  What can I play it on? TBA 
  •  Who makes it? Riot Games 

Riot Project L release date and platforms

Jinx fighting in Project L

(Image credit: Riot)

We don’t have a concrete Riot Project L release date yet, and we don’t expect to see one any time soon. Despite being in the works for a while now, there’s been an extreme lack of detail regarding when we can expect to receive a release window, let alone a specific release date. 

As announced by Tom Cannon, Project L’s executive producer, in 2019, “Just want to make one thing clear, the game is not close to release, or even Alpha.” But, a few years have passed since then, and with a demo of the game available to play at EVO 2023, there’s a chance we are crawling closer to the announcement of a release date, but we can’t confirm anything yet. The last update we received regarding the release date was in 2021 when the team stated that Project L wouldn’t release in 2022, but we haven’t received word since. 

The lack of information regarding the release also applies to the platforms that the game will eventually be available on since we haven’t got a single inclination on that either. However, with most of Riot’s games being released on PC, we are anticipating a PC release for certain, but we have to remain totally unsure as to whether a console launch is too. We expect more information to come out regarding platforms once we receive some sort of release window, though. 

Riot Project L trailers

Four players fighting in Project L

(Image credit: Riot)

Even though we don’t have a lot of information about a Riot Project L release date, we have received a few trailers and dev diaries for the game, so we can start to pick apart in-game content to construct an idea of what to expect when it does launch. The Project L - RiotX Arcane: Epilogue was the first official ‘trailer’ we received for the game, offering a little insight into what the game is, and a few characters we can expect to play as. 

The combat we see is fairly basic, to begin with, but as we start to delve into the Right Foundation section, we see the tag mechanic in play for the first time alongside a breakdown of a few characters' movesets and inputs. We expect more information regarding the roster and their accompanying attacks to come out in due course as more general information comes out. The full video can be seen below:

Following this Epilogue, we’ve received several dev diaries to shed light on a few mechanics we can expect to see in-game. Duo Play was the second mechanic we received a spotlight on, providing us with the first look at how teams of two will face off against or alongside each other. Within the diary, we see these teams in action, alongside the fluidity of combat and the character selection screen. The full video can be seen below: 

Alongside the duo gaming insight, we also got a Devs Play Duos match which essentially covers the same features we saw in the Dev Diary but is a more honest representation of how the game will feel when we eventually get to play. The full, almost five-minute match can be seen below: 

Riot Project L story and setting

Illaori in Project L

(Image credit: Riot)

Whether there will be an overarching story mode to Project L is currently unknown. From what we have seen within Dev Diaries and the Epilogue trailer, it looks like it leans more toward a traditional arcade-like pick-up-and-play fighting game, but that’s not to say a story mode following each champion might not be implemented or in development.

Given how much we still have left to learn, we wouldn’t be surprised if a cinematic trailer introducing this mode comes later down the line, or given the game is free-to-play, a paid DLC to expand the story and add new champions to the roster. There’s a huge amount of potential for what Project L holds beyond what we know, it’s just a case of waiting for it to be announced. 

As for the setting, we’ve seen a handful of stages for each match from early development, including underneath an overpass and a sandy terrain. The full extent of stages and settings is yet to be revealed, alongside the full roster of champions you’ll be able to play as, but we’re pretty certain that numerous backdrops will be available on launch. 

Riot Project L gameplay

Project L promises a 2D fighter experience, where you’ll be able to take control of a handful of League of Legends champions in a battle to K.O. your opponent first. As a three-button fighter, you’ll be able to string together a series of combos including special attacks without having to deal with any additional inputs as you’d need from a game like Tekken 8 or Street Fighter 6, making it slightly easier for those who aren’t confident in their combat. 

However, even if you’re going into the game with no prior fighting game experience, fights and movesets for the champions have been created to make the game as accessible as possible for players of all skill levels. Paired with its free-to-play approach, there’s a chance that Project L could become one of the best free games once launched, especially with how accessible it is for new fighter players. 

As we’ve seen in various Dev Diaries, and within the gameplay basics trailer as seen above, the tag-team mechanics will provide the best opportunity for you to get a feel of each champion, especially for those just starting out. Although defensive and offensive mechanics are balanced to make matches more accessible, the movesets of each champion mean you will still have to be on your a-game in order to pull off some of the technical combos in place.

Players that invest their time in mastering combos will be rewarded with special moves and new moves to bring out in matches, so even though the game utilizes a pick-up-and-play style, allowing players to have fun the second they join a game, there is motivation for practice and perfection. 

We’ve only seen a handful of playable champions on the Project L roster so far, but we expect this to change as more information regarding the game gets released. Within the Dev Diaries and the videos we have seen of matches, the same few champions have been used, so we know for sure that Ahri, Darius, Ekko, Illaoi, Jinx, and Katarina will be playable. Even though we’ve still got a lot to learn about which moves and special abilities each champion will bring to the table, the closer we get to a potential window, the more character spotlights we expect to see. 

Riot's Project L news

Combat in Project L

(Image credit: Riot)

Project L "How to Play" video published for EVO 2023
Following the announcement of a playable demo of Project L being at EVO 2023, a "How to Play Project L" video has been uploaded, showing the button layouts on both a controller and a fight stick, alongside how to attack and pull off certain combos for different champions. Although it's a relatively brief look at in-game combat, it still touches on the basics for those entirely new to the genre.

Project L demo available to play at EVO 2023
Two years after its initial announcement, a playable demo of Riot’s Project L is available to play at EVO 2023. Offering a limited roster of characters, it’s one of the first opportunities players have had to get ahold of the game and play, and while we still don’t have any information regarding a release date, a playable demo could mean we are slightly closer to getting at least a release window. 

Riot’s Project L announced as the first Riot-branded 2D fighting game
Riot has announced one of their in-development projects, ‘Project L’, a 2D fighting game with a roster of League of Legends champions. Although our knowledge of what exactly the game offers is pretty limited, and we are yet to receive a release window or any information on platforms, it’s still a long-awaited, highly anticipated addition to Riot’s library.  

With Project L on track, it's a great chance to look at the best fight sticks to get your setup prepared. And if you're looking for other games to play with your pals before the release of Project L, check out the best MMOs and the best co-op games.

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