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Sony acquires Audeze in move towards more high-end PS5 gaming headsets

Sony Interactive Entertainment, the division behind the PlayStation brand, has acquired high-end audio headphones and headset company Audeze. 

This acquisition could mean big things for the world of some of the best PS5 headsets as Sony will have access to the boutique company's technology for future developments on the PS5 and its accessories. 

The press release reads: "The acquisition will strengthen SIE’s efforts to continue innovating when it comes to the audio experience of PlayStation games. Audeze will continue to operate independently and develop multi-platform products, while benefiting from being a part of the PlayStation ecosystem". 

That means that Sony will not restrict Audeze from continuing to release its own products on other platforms, as the manufacturer also develops with PC and the Xbox Series X in mind. Most recently, with the launch of the Audeze Maxwell back in March 2023. 

Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President of Platform Experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment writes: "We’re excited to bring Audeze’s expertise into the PlayStation ecosystem, building on the great strides we’ve made with PlayStation 5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech and the Pulse 3D wireless headset". 

Recently, Sony revealed the upcoming Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore gaming headset and gaming earbuds aimed at the higher-end market. The Japanese hardware manufacturer has also been making moves towards improving the audio experience on the PS5 as a recent firmware update added support for Dolby Atmos. That's combined with the fact that every headset and the best soundbars also work with 3D Audio

It looks like this acquisition will only further this mission: "Sony Interactive provides Audeze with a unique opportunity to scale our business, as we continue with our mission to deliver best-in-class headphones to recording professionals, audiophiles, and gamers" explains Sankar Thiagasamudram, CEO at Audeze. "We’re also looking forward to contributing to Sony Interactive’s efforts to take PlayStation audio experiences to the next level". 

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