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Vampire Survivors' hidden "Directer's Cut" is as mysterious as it is confusing

It's come to light that Vampire Survivors has a special edition with different content. 

The accessibility content creator Laura Kate Dale tweeted about the existence of this 'Directer's Cut'. In this, she said, "Directer's Cut exists, it's drastically different from the base game, and I might be the only person outside of the dev team who has played it." 

Apparently, this version is full of new features such as characters, stages, weapons, accessories, and evolutions. The "additions are more substantial than currently released DLCs". We should state here that Dale was "not told this is a for sale product", so we don't know if we'll definitely see it up for grabs and out in the wild - as part of the new release or not.

Vampire Survivors challenges players with surviving swathes of various enemies in a top-down survival game. You must choose a character and different items along the course of your fight to aid you in this seemingly never-ending battle against all sorts of creatures. It is currently available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, iOS, and Android. 

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If Laura's correct, players would be able to experience new characters such as a multi-limbed angel, a rose woman, an imp, Santa, a werewolf, a spaceman, a giant skull, a constellation frog, an angel, and a winged egg. It also includes a new level that allows 300 chickens. 

With Vampire Survivors getting ready to launch on the Nintendo Switch come August 17, it's a great shame we don't have any extra content apart from the 30 minutes of the main game as well as a few DLCs - a new expansion only just got released to play in June. 

The various characters that are in the game as well as the numerous items you can choose, do go a long way in providing players with different paths to take while trying to survive the whole 30 minutes. There seem to be almost endless possibilities as to what will aid you in your conquest. However, I, for one, am a garlic enjoyer, and you won't be able to change my mind on that. 

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