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About a quarter of Starfield players haven't even been to space yet

There's a whole universe to explore in Starfield, quite literally, in fact. But it looks like a good chunk of the game's player base has yet to leave terra firma.

That's because according to Starfield's achievements list (via TrueAchievements), around 25% of players haven't earned the Xbox Series X|S title's first achievement: For All, Into the Starfield. Getting the achievement is simple; players just need to take off in their spaceship for the first time.

It's something all Starfield players will need to do in order to progress the main story from the tutorial planet, Vectera, to arrive in New Atlantis and join Constellation, the group that provides the impetus for the game's main campaign.

In short, this means that roughly a quarter of Starfield players have yet to complete that first tutorial stint, hinting that they may have quit before one of the best Xbox Series X games really starts to sink its hooks into you.

One reason this might be the case is that Starfield is available to download via Xbox Game Pass, meaning subscribers don't have to purchase the game separately. As a result, some players may feel less guilty about shelving the game for a later date, or quitting entirely.

In comparison, the achievement has a much higher clearance rate on the Steam version of Starfield, with 88% of players successfully navigating past its tutorial. That would be on a vanilla save, too, as installing mods in the PC version disables achievements, such as this terrifying Thomas the Tank Engine mod. With the game being full-price on Steam, then, there's more of an incentive to get your money's worth and play through as much of the game as you can.

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