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Baldur's Gate 3 features some heart-wrenching voice lines if Scratch the dog dies

A Baldur's Gate 3 player has discovered some rare voice lines from data-mined files that show how your party reacts if Scratch the dog somehow dies.

As PC Gamer reports, players have been data-mining the game ever since the game officially launched back in August, allowing them to make all sorts of discoveries including a ton of dialogue, thanks to user @roksik-dnd on Tumblr.

A new discovery by one player over on the Baldur's Gate 3 subreddit shows that they have found perhaps the saddest voice lines in the game, and they unfortunately pertain to the best boy in the realm, Scratch.

For players who have managed to find the canine, when you're at your camp, you can throw a ball and he'll play fetch with you. But user snowolf_ has discovered that if Scratch somehow dies, throwing the ball with result in some heartbreaking voice lines from your companions.

Snowolf_ also shared a screenshot showing the possible voice lines from each companion reminiscing on Scratch after throwing the ball, with the majority of them needlessly pulling on your heartstrings. 

"I need to stop doing this to myself," Shadowheart will say, while Karlach will mutter, "I miss my dog."

PC Gamer tested out the voice lines to see if they were in fact in the game and uploaded a YouTube video of their discoveries. Sadly they are, and all you have to do to activate the dialogue and check yourself is kill Scratch.

While the majority of the voice lines are sad, there are some rather funny reactions from other companions who are usually less empathetic to bloodshed, including Minthara.

"Withers! Be a good skeleton and fetch that ball," she can say to the game's skeleton companion.

Astarion, who will usually approve of your bloody actions, has some interesting dialogue too.

"Does it have a sad squeak now? Is that even possible?" he'll say, as well as: "Can't believe the stupid dog isn't here to get the stupid ball."

Baldur's Gate 3 is a massive RPG with hundreds of possible outcomes, but was this really necessary, Larian?

Elsewhere, the studio has confirmed that patch three will finally allow players to change their character's appearance whenever they want thanks to the addition of the Magic Mirror.

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