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Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 3 date moved to September 22 and "it's a big one"

Baldur's Gate 3 patch 3 has received a short delay and will now be released on September 22.

Larian Studios shared a post to Twitter last night to announce that the next major patch will not in fact be released today, September 21, but will be arriving one day later instead to ensure that it's ready.

"Patch 3 is coming, and it’s a big one," Larian said. "To ensure thorough testing, we’re releasing Patch 3 this Friday, September 22 instead. Thanks for your patience, all!"

Patch 3 was initially set to launch alongside Mac support  - which will be made available today separately - but Larian has yet to share the details of what's included in the upcoming update. 

According to the studio, "it's a big one" and may introduce some new changes to game content, like patch 2 which introduced Withers’ Wardrobe of Wayward Friends - a new tool that lets players remove offline friends in co-op mode. It's likely we can expect the patch to address further performance issues and bugs, but some players are hoping that some new content might be added to the game.

During the initial launch of the game for PC, the developer did say that it would be taking player requests into consideration and that it would eventually add a way to change your character's appearance mid-game. Whether that new system will be added to Patch 3 remains to be seen. 

Following the game's PS5 launch earlier this month, Larian confirmed the RPG will be launching on Xbox Series X|S before December, with game director Swen Vincke saying at the time that it's “actually very close” to having the game ready for Xbox.

Elsewhere, actor Neil Newbon, who plays Astarion, recently revealed that Baldur's Gate 3 players have yet to discover a hidden two-hour section of the game.

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