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Baldur's Gate 3 will add Mac support with patch 3

Larian Studios has confirmed the release date for Baldur's Gate 3's next major update.

Following the successful launch of the RPG on PC and PS5, the studio shared a post on Twitter showing a culmination of every review score and sharing its gratitude to the players. "Thank you from the fiery infernal engine we keep in place of our heart," Larian said. "We couldn't have asked for a better response to Baldur's Gate 3."

Larian then revealed that patch 3 is coming on September 21 and that it comes "with full support for BG3 on Mac."

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Aside from a release date and Mac support, Larian hasn't shared any further details about what's included in the next update. It's possible that it could address further performance issues, as well as make some tweaks and fix bugs, but we won't know until the team releases the full patch notes, which should come close to, or on, the release date.

The game's first major update had over 1000 fixes and addressed a plethora of issues. This was followed by patch 2 which introduced Withers’ Wardrobe of Wayward Friends - a new tool that lets players remove offline friends in co-op mode. Larian also released a hotfix last week that fixed a wide range of bugs, but most notably solved a glitch that was preventing players from progressing Minthara's romance

For those waiting for an Xbox release, there's hopefully not too much longer to wait after Larian confirmed the RPG will be launching on Xbox Series X|S before December, with game director Swen Vincke announcing that it's “actually very close” to having the game ready for that platform. 

Following the PS5 launch earlier this month, Vincke revealed that the studio is already at work on a new game.

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