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Cozy Hobbit game Tales of the Shire set to arrive in 2024

An official teaser trailer has been released for Tales of the Shire, offering the first insight into what we can expect from a new Lord of the Rings game from Wētā Workshop and Private Division. 

The collaboration between Wētā Workshop and Private Division was first announced in August 2022, where it was shared that the teams would be working together on a game set in the Middle Earth universe, but this is the first insight into development we’ve had since this initial announcement. 

The description of the teaser trailer suggests that Tales of the Shire will be a “heart-warming new Lord of the Rings game” promoting a “cozy Hobbit life”, so while the trailer itself doesn’t show any in-game footage, we are expecting a Hobbit adjacent life simulator of sorts to come to life through its content. The full teaser trailer can be seen below: 

Throughout the short trailer, we flip through what seems to be a sketchbook, which could potentially be concept artwork for characters and settings we will explore within the game once it eventually launches. 

However, it might be a little while before we can get our hands on this new life, as the trailer closes, stating that the game will arrive in 2024. We do know for sure that the game will be coming to PC and consoles, but further details on which platforms we can expect to see the game are yet to be announced. 

For more updates on the development of Tales of the Shire, it’s worth keeping an eye on the Tales of the Shire Twitter page so you won’t miss any more insights into what we can expect from Hobbit life.

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