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Crysis 3 online multiplayer will be shut down for good this week

Time is almost up, folks - the days of online multiplayer in Crysis 3 are nearly over. As was confirmed last month, EA will be shutting down the servers for the 2013 first-person shooter for good this week. 

To be exact, Crysis 3’s servers will close on Thursday, September 7, which means there are just a few more days to experience the game’s multiplayer for the last time. With the game being over 10 years old, it’s not an enormous shock that this would happen at some point, but it is still a rather sad reminder that online modes in video games will probably never last forever. That, and it’s also a bit disconcerting that 2013 was an entire decade ago.

Unfortunately, Crysis 3 is just one game that will soon be saying goodbye to its online multiplayer. It was also previously announced that the servers for Dead Space 2, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and Dante’s Inferno will all shut down on December 8, so while there’s still over three months of life left in those, the clock is ticking.

In a statement available to read on its Online Service Shutdown page, EA asserts that it is “committed to constantly updating and improving the features and modes to keep in our games to ensure they remain exciting to play for as long as possible”, but that “sometimes means that we need to remove outdated features and modes”. 

Despite the server shutdown, Crysis 3's single-player campaign will remain completely playable. However, it’s worth noting that the FPS will be leaving EA Play and EA Play Pro in (at the time of writing) four days, so it’ll no longer be accessible via the membership.

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