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Fortnite’s Slurp Juice drop rates have received a major nerf, dividing players

Recent balance adjustments rolled out in Fortnite have significantly altered the drop rate of Slurp Juice, and the player base is divided over whether it’s a positive change or not.

Announced in a tweet by the official Fortnite Status account on Wednesday (September 20), it was confirmed that the game’s latest hotfix changed the damage outputs and fire rates of a number of weapons, but most importantly: “Slurp Juice drops with less quantity, chug wisely!” 

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For those unfamiliar, Slurp Juice is a rare consumable healing item that can heal both health and shield points continually for 20 seconds. Given its lengthy duration of effect, it can fully heal even the most battle-damaged players, and it can be particularly useful in the midst of a fight since you can keep healing even while you’re busy shooting. Needless to say, it’s very handy, and a highly sought-after item in any match.

Currently, to get their hands on Slurp Juice, players can obtain it from Combat Caches, Forecast Tower boss NPCs, and the Capture Point on Loot Island. Previously, each of these methods provided two Slurp Juices per player - this adjusted in relation to the game mode, so in Duos, for example, two stacks of two Slurp Juices would be dropped from each of these sources.

Now though, that’s changed. According to Twitter account FNAssist, the drop rates have been completely halved across Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads. Reaction to this information has varied wildly.

Some think that the rebalance is necessary: “W change, love the Slurps but [they definitely] needed a nerf on spawn rate,” one player wrote. “Honestly[,] kinda fair. Hard to fight a guy carrying four,” tweeted another. 

Others, meanwhile, are heartbroken: “NOOOOO WHY WOULD YOU NERF SLURP JUICE NOOOOOO,” one player despaired. “This is a tragic day for all Fortniters,” added another. 

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