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Mojang has confirmed that Minecraft Dungeons' 1.17 update is its last, and the team has "moved on to new projects"

Minecraft Dungeons has amassed 25 million players since its launch in 2020, which Mojang was happy to praise in a blog post. But, despite its large player base, it has been confirmed that no further content for the game is planned. 

According to the team, “It was the love of our players that made it [Minecraft Dungeons] grow and thrive, allowing us to continue the adventure and venture further into the Nether, the End, and eventually the mysterious Tower. It exceeded our wildest dreams, and it makes us both proud and grateful for having had the pleasure of building a game together with a community like this one.”

Mojang has confirmed that the update that rolled out in November 2022, 1.17, will be the final update Minecraft Dungeons receives. The game will no longer receive new content or features, and the team has “moved onto new projects that continue to explore experiences in the Minecraft universe.”

The post continues: “We do intend to continue bringing new experiences to the Minecraft universe and give our team the freedom to keep exploring the types of games they're passionate about – just as they did with Dungeons!” No details on any current projects were shared. 

Following the confirmation of the final update, Mojang has also stated that players shouldn’t feel as though their adventures within the game are done, and there are still plenty of experiences to embark on within the game, led mainly by the community itself. 

With Minecraft Live taking place on October 15, 2023, there’s a lot to look forward to regarding the future of Minecraft. Although the door closing on Dungeons is bittersweet, it might make way for a new and exciting addition to the Minecraft universe - so it is worth keeping an eye on.

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