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NBA 2K24 is Steam's second worst reviewed game - just behind Overwatch 2

Bad news for NBA 2K24, as a botched PC port has put it squarely in second place for the worst-reviewed Steam games of all time.

NBA 2K24 has garnered over 3,700 Steam user reviews less than a week since its September 8 launch, only 11% of which are positive. It is still a long way off Overwatch 2, which still sits in the top spot with over 180,000 user reviews, of which just 10% are positive. That's according to Steam 250's Hall of Shame, which ranks the bottom 100 based on data from the Steam launcher.

It looks like players who purchased NBA 2K24 on Steam have a right to be upset, too, as the game's PC port is based on the PS4 and Xbox One version. That means, aside from being visually inferior, it's also missing crucial modes like The W and MyNBA, which feature in the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of the annual sports title.

"No next gen, no MyCareer story, no MyTeam auction house," one user review reads.  Another expresses frustration at NBA 2K24 being just the latest in a long line of poor PC efforts: "It's pretty obvious that 2K doesn't care about PC players. Despite both generations of the game being coded and made on a PC every year, we are still given last gen for the 4th time in a row."

Players are also complaining about a general lack of polish, with the game running into frequent crashes on Steam. Others are also bringing up that because it's based on the last-gen version, NBA 2K24 lacks an up-to-date anti-cheat system, meaning that hackers and cheaters are rife on PCs at present. Hopefully, 2K can respond amicably to the backlash, and potentially work on bringing the game's current-gen features to the Steam release.

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