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Payday 3 will have an open beta for Xbox and PC this week

Developer Starbreeze Studios has revealed that Payday 3 will have an open beta for Xbox and PC this week ahead of the game's official launch later this month.

Payday 3 is set for a September 21 release on PS5Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and is a day-one launch on Xbox Game Pass, but the developer is allowing players to opt into another beta ahead of that and, this time, it will be open for users "to push our servers to the limit."

It will start on September 8 and run through to September 11, but unfortunately for PS5 owners, the technical beta test is only available for those on Xbox Series X|S and PC. 

Starbreeze confirmed that this open beta will include the same content included in last month's test (via VGC). Although those taking part can expect only a single heist called No Rest For The Wicked heist - which is set in a small bank  - all difficulty levels will be available, with a level cap of Infamy Level 22, and weapon level progression at 8.

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"We want to ensure that we have as few issues as possible ahead of our very imminent launch, so this test is meant to do just that," Starbreeze said in a Steam post

In our preview, TechRadar Gaming editor-in-chief, Jake Tucker, said, "In essence, there are two games hidden within Payday 3. A tense multiplayer stealth experience that channels films like Mission Impossible as you skulk around choking out guards while juggling keycards and high-tech equipment to get out without a sound. Then, either by choice or failure, there's the all-out shooter experience and approach, where the violence of action and a relentless pace should help you get the cash to the getaway vehicle and escape."

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