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Star Wars Jedi actor confirms a "third" Jedi game is on the way

It's happening, Star Wars fans – a third Star Wars Jedi game is in development.

Confirmation came not from development studio Respawn or publisher EA but Cal Kestis himself – or, more accurately, the man who gives Cal his face and voice.

Cameron Monaghan was talking at a recent panel at Ocala Comic Con and admitted during the interview that the team was "in the process" of making a "third" game (albeit acknowledging that much of this work seems to have chiefly been "conversations" for now rather than anything more concrete).

"We’re working on a third [game], and we’re in the process of doing that right now," Monaghan said during his panel (thanks, VGC).

"That's a big undertaking, and there have been some conversations so far, but hopefully, when all things are said and done, we’ll be able to go in and make something really cool."

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson recently hinted at new secret projects in development at Jedi Survivor developer, Respawn Entertainment. 

During the recent Goldman Sachs Communacopia & Technology Conference, Wilson spoke about EA's success with acquiring Respawn and celebrated the studio's recent work on the Star Wars Jedi series and Apex Legends. 

"We haven’t done that many acquisitions, we’ve done a few," Wilson said. "Respawn, of course, was maybe one of the most incredible acquisitions ever done in the industry". 

"They’re an incredible team, and they’ve created incredible value for us, for our shareholders, and certainly for these global communities of players across Apex and the Jedi series. And you should imagine that there’s some other things going on at Respawn that we’re very excited about, that we’re not going to talk about but that we’re very excited about just given the quality of that group."

Could a third instalment of the Star Wars Jedi series be one of those "things going on" at Respawn? Watch this space… literally, in this case.

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