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Deltarune will be available to purchase once chapter 4 is done - “no more waiting” says Toby Fox

It’s been a big week for fans of indie RPG Deltarune as the game’s developer, Toby Fox, has announced that it will be made available to purchase sooner than expected.

A successor to the smash hit indie gem Undertale, which was a serious game of the year contender when it released back in 2015, Deltarune has certainly been a long time coming.

Planned to be released in five parts, the first chapter of the game became available to play for free in 2018. Although first only accessible on PC, it was ported to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 a year later. This was then followed by a second free chapter in 2021, with a third currently nearing completion.

Although the original plan was for the game to receive its third, fourth, and fifth chapter together, alongside the move to a paid release, this has now been changed. Writing on his official newsletter, Fox has stated that “the finish line of Chapter Five is still pretty far off” and that he doesn’t “think anybody really wants to wait that long to release anything”.

As a result, there will be “no more waiting for Chapter Five” and Deltarune will now be available to purchase “once we finish Chapter Four”. Presumably, this change means that the fifth installment will be released as an update to the paid version further down the line.

The newsletter also provides some insight into the rest of the development process, including the fact that Fox has hired a new producer “whose entire job it will be to speed up the overall game development”. Although no release date has been confirmed yet, we’re hopeful that this means that we will be seeing the full launch some time soon.

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