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Diablo 4 gets a 10-hour trial on Xbox this weekend

Xbox has refreshed its Free Play Days docket for this weekend, and the standout title here is Diablo 4.

If you're not busy with Marvel's Spider-Man 2 or Super Mario Bros. Wonder this weekend, then Xbox and Blizzard have you covered with a ten-hour trial of its hack n' slash dungeon crawler. The trial is open to all Xbox Series X|S owners regardless of whether they have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription or not.

You'll be able to play Diablo 4 for free from now until the end of October 22, giving you the entire weekend to hunt the fiends of Hell either solo or with a party of friends. What's more, if you liked what you played in those ten hours, you can buy the full game at 25% off, bringing its price down to just $52.49 / £52.49 for its Standard Edition.

Right now is actually an excellent time to dive into Diablo 4. That's because Season of Blood, its second major update, is now live, bringing a swathe of new content to the game including a new storyline, boatloads of loot, endgame bosses, and all-new vampiric powers to claim as your own. 'Tis the season, after all.

This marks the first time Xbox has limited a title to ten hours of playtime in its Free Play Days promotion. Known as Timed Trials, the official blog post claims that "with Timed Trials, we can get newer games into the program faster." 

Expect this to be a mainstay from here on out, then. It means that we may see much newer games grace Free Play Days weekends, perhaps titles like Assassin's Creed Mirage or Lords of the Fallen.

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