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EA Sports FC is getting a turn-based tactical spin-off game in early 2024

EA has announced that the EA Sports FC series will launch a turn-based tactical game on mobile in early 2024. Titled “EA Sports FC Tactical”, the game will replace the traditional real-time mechanics of an EA Sports title in exchange for strategic turn-based content.

Within the mobile game, there will be an “emphasis on in-game strategies such as stamina and powerplay,” which EA details in the press release. In addition to this, it has been specified that “matches are simulated, with turn-based opportunities to defend, attack, perform skill moves, and make attempts on target, resulting in authentic football action like never before.” 

Furthermore, EA has clarified that over 5,000 players across 10 leagues are expected to feature within the game, so you won’t be short of players. The title also promises a “wide range of playable modes, from online friendly matches to intense online competitions, including Rank matches, Leagues, and Guilds.” 

EA Sports FC Tactical will launch on both Android and iOS devices, but a specific release date is yet to be announced. Currently, the launch is only slated for a release in “early 2024,” but with EA Sports FC 24 being a fairly recent release, we’re not expecting the spotlight to be taken away from FC Tactical's real-time cousin just yet. 

For more information on when we can expect this mobile game to launch, it’s best to keep an eye on the official EA Sports social media, alongside the official EA Sports FC social media pages.  EA Sports FC Tactical has also been listed on the iOS App Store and the Google Play store too, for those looking to pre-register. 

If you’re looking for a way to pass the time while you wait for more information on EA Sports Tactical, we’ve got a list of the best Android games and best free Android games. But, if you want to make sure you’ve got the best setup for when the game launches, we’ve also got a list of the best gaming phones for anyone eager to upgrade.  

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