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Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.5 makes it so you can play the story almost completely solo

Final Fantasy 14's main story can now be played almost completely solo thanks to patch 6.5.

If you've been on the fence about starting the critically acclaimed MMO, the game's latest patch has now made it possible for you to play the game's main questline solo, from A Realm Reborn all the way to the latest Endwalker expansion, by using the Duty Support system (via VGC).

Duty Support was added in patch 6.1 and essentially allows you to run dungeons with certain NPCs and progress through the main scenario without queuing with other players online.

The feature was a welcome addition to the game, especially for newcomers who would otherwise be forced to sit in incredibly long queues for some of the oldest dungeons. 

With every patch, Square Enix has been slowly introducing more compatible duties to the system, but now with 6.5, the final dungeons have finally been added, meaning the entire main questline can be completed with Duty Support.

It's worth noting that Duty Support is only available for dungeons, not trials or raids, meaning you'll need to queue normally for these instances - but the wait times are much more manageable than dungeon wait times due to the increased number of players they require.

So if you prefer a solo experience, you'll no longer have to queue for dungeons unless you prefer to play with others online. To use the Duty Support system, all you need to do is select "Duty Support" from the main menu or from the entrance to an applicable duty.

It's also a really neat feature to utilize if you're playing a dungeon for the first time, as the NPCs accompanying you will already have knowledge of the boss's move sets and positions, making it a good way to practice.

Patch 6.5 'Growing Light' launched today on October 3 and introduces a whole bunch of new content, including new main scenario quests, Myths of the Realm, Part Three: Thaleia - the next chapter in the Alliance Raid series - Job adjustments, and more. 

It's also expanded the game's free trial, allowing users to play through the base game, Heavensward, and Stormblood up to level 70. Stormblood has also been added to the game’s Starter Edition, so owners of the version will be able to play the first two expansions for free.

The update is the first part of the final patch ahead of the release of the next expansion Dawntrail, which is slated to release in the summer of 2024 alongside Xbox Series X|S compatibility. 

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