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Final Fantasy 14's upcoming Fall Guys crossover gets new trailer and release date

Challenges inspired by cult classic platformer Fall Guys are coming to critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy alongside the upcoming 6.51 update on October 31. 

The news was revealed in the Final Fantasy 14 London Fan Festival 2023 keynote speech alongside a trailer showing off the whimsical platforming antics. One of the best indie games of 2020, Fall Guys is a platforming battle royale game with groups of anthropomorphic beans negotiating their way through treacherous courses in pursuit of victory and survival. 

As part of a collaboration, Final Fantasy 14 will introduce its set of Fall Guys-inspired gauntlets in a new series of mini-games. Judging from the trailer, it looks as though the MMORPG will be faithfully recreating Fall Guys' own platforming levels but with some Final Fantasy twists.

According to director Naoki Yoshida, The new Fall Guys content will be designed for groups of 24 players and can be accessed by individuals and groups alike. The new crossover will be part of Final Fantasy 14's Gold Saucer casino - a charming and surprisingly deep collection of mini-games and optional challenges.

Players will be able to unlock a series of Fall Guys-themed rewards by completing challenges, including new outfits and minions. 

Final Fantasy 14 has a long history of offering platforming challenges and jumping puzzles. The Kugane Tower jumping puzzle, in particular, has an infamous place in the community, spurring hardcore platforming aficionados to battle it out in pursuit of ever more impressive world record times. With this in mind, a Fall Guys collaboration seems like a perfect fit. 

Yoshida also clarified in his keynote that a Fall Guys collaboration isn't the only crossover in Final Fantasy 14's future. The MMO will receive a new questline based on the action RPG Final Fantasy 16, where players can fight alongside the single-player game's protagonist, Clive Rosfield. 

On top of this, Yoshida also announced a crossover with Square Enix's first Final Fantasy MMO: Final Fantasy 11. This crossover will take the form of a series of eight-person raids with its own self-contained plot and unique boss encounters. 

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