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Final's latest gaming earbuds are tailor-made for VR

While many of the best gaming earbuds provide seriously high-quality audio, for the most part, they're not necessarily designed for use with VR.

That's where Japanese brand Final's VR2000 gaming earbuds come in. Available now for $69.99 / £59.99 (around AU$111) at Amazon and other participating retailers, the VR2000 earbuds are primarily designed for use with some of the best VR headsets including PSVR 2 and the recently launched Meta Quest 3.

The Final VR2000 gaming earbuds feature custom-made 'f-Core DU' 6mm dynamic drivers. Final says that the driver's front housing is made from brass, which isn't as impeded by outside magnetic force, leading to an overall jump in quality. On that note, the brand claims they "achieve a quality of sound that is unheard of at this price range." Potentially, then, the VR2000 buds could help add extra layers of immersion to the best VR games playable today.

Of course, these gaming earbuds are also designed for practical use, be that non-VR gaming or for just listening to music. The buds are designed to make full use of Dolby Atmos, for example. And given their VR-first application, likely sounds great with the PlayStation 5's Tempest 3D Audio enabled, too.

A 1.2m cable and in-line microphone complete the VR2000's setup, meaning you'll also be able to use them for phone calls or voice chat with friends online. I can imagine that they'd be a top fit for VR multiplayer games where audio is a pretty crucial element, like Pavlov VR, Among Us VR, or indeed some of the best horror games available on virtual reality headsets.

The Final VR2000 gaming earbuds could be a great fit for some of the best PSVR 2 games, too. But if you'd prefer a more traditional pair of headphones, consider browsing our best wireless gaming headsets list for more top recommendations.

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