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Gorgeous Kingdom Hearts mobile game gets new trailer teasing 2024 launch

Square Enix has released a brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, a GPS-based action RPG for iOS and Android. The trailer shows off a range of characters and locales from the series including iconic Disney worlds. 

For the uninitated, Kingdom Hearts is an action RPG series spawned by a partnership between Final Fantasy creators Square Enix and entertainment giant Disney. The first Kingdom Hearts was released back in 2002, and had multiverse-hopping protagonist Sora make his way through worlds inspired by Disney films and the Final Fantasy games. 

It may seem like an odd mix, but the series has developed a devoted fanbase and over a dozen sequels and spin-offs. Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is the latest in this long line of titles. Judging by the trailer, it seems to be leaning more into the Final Fantasy side of things, showing off a cavalcade of snappily dressed characters in dramatic, fantastical situations. 

To the delight of series veterans, it looks as though Missing Link will be set in the city of Scala ad Caelum - an iconic location from the series teeming with lore, mystery and intrigue. 

Judging from the trailer, Missing Link's battles look like a simplified version of what's offered in the main series - albeit with a slight twist. 

It looks as though the protagonist in Missing Link gains spells and abilities by channeling the memories of established Disney characters - a mechanic very much in keeping with the series' general vibe. The game's website also teases at co-op elements, where players can form parties of up to three to "gain various advantages such as challenging raid bosses together". 

At this stage, we don't yet know how the GPS elements factor into the game experience. The trailer cryptically invites us to "travel the world without stepping outside", a phrase that raises as many questions as it answers. That said, the trailer suggests that we're in for more than just a Kingdom Hearts-flavored version of Pokémon Go

Though we can't draw any more specific conclusions about the title, players can sign up for Missing Link's closed beta test on the game's official website. The iOS beta test is slated to begin on November 29 while the Android beta test will start in January 2024. 

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