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Has Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR been cancelled? Meta won’t say

We’ve heard remarkably little about the upcoming VR port of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas after its initial announcement all the way back in 2021. Now, almost two years later, Meta still won't answer pressing questions about its release, leaving the project’s status up in the air.

For those of us who have forgotten (and really, who can blame you after all this time), the VR port of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was first revealed for the Quest 2 as part of a Connect Livestream back in October 2021. The news came from none other than Facebook (now Meta) CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself and was soon reiterated in an official blog post about the event.

Teased as a way to “get a new perspective on one of gaming’s most iconic open worlds” the prospect of a VR version of this 2004 classic is certainly appealing. After all, who wouldn’t want to experience Big Smoke’s iconic fast food order from the first-person perspective of CJ in the driver’s seat.

There’s been no further information, or any hint of a release date, since the reveal, however, leaving eager fans questioning if it's still in the works.

With the recent arrival of the Meta Quest 3, many have been left wondering whether the game has been quietly shelved. Luckily, both UploadVR and Road to VR have used this year’s Connect as an opportunity to ask Meta about its status directly. Their response to both queries, however, reveals very little in the way of new information. 

Simply responding “no comment” to UploadVR while telling Road to VR that they “don’t have any updates to share”, it looks like we’re going to just have to keep waiting to see if Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR ever sees the light of day.

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