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Haunting fishing game Dredge is set to receive its first paid expansion in November

Black Salt Games, the team behind Dredge, has announced that the game will be receiving its first paid expansion next month. The Pale Reach will launch on November 16 across all platforms, and an entirely new location will be opened up for you to explore and discover the secrets of. 

In addition to adding a new frozen frontier, The Pale Reach will add new fish to catch, new equipment to utilize, and new achievements to unlock as you progress through the mystery. Details on the DLC are pretty thin on the ground right now as to exactly what's in store, but the accompanying reveal trailer for the expansion gives us a look at the new location we can expect to explore. The full announcement Tweet and trailer can be seen below: 

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However, The Pale Reach wasn’t the first expansion Black Salt Games had planned to release for the game. In fact, a week before announcing it, the original paid expansion that was planned to launch around the same time - Iron Rig - was delayed until 2024. Currently, we don’t have a specific release date for the next paid expansion, but at least we have a new chunk of content to get stuck into while we wait for any update. 

But while the announcement of an entirely new expansion outside of Iron Rig has definitely come as a surprise, the team did announce alongside the delay that another paid DLC would make its way to players before the end of 2023, but no one expected it to be revealed in such quick succession following the original announcement. But, it is a great excuse to jump back into one of the best indie games should you want to dust off your fishing skills and see what eldrich horrors rest in the frozen frontier. 

If you want to discover a new collection of games to sink your time into while you wait for the first paid expansion for Dredge, it’s worth looking at the best cozy Switch games. However, if you want something a little more thrilling to match Dredge’s tone, the best horror games may interest you.  

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