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Lords of the Fallen update makes its New Game Plus mode a bit less punishing

Lords of the Fallen is receiving a couple of patches this week that'll give its New Game Plus mode some welcome improvements.

Available to read on the game's Steam page, the patch notes detail notable additions to New Game Plus, which unlocks after finishing Lords of the Fallen for the first time. The first major change is that players will now be able to choose to begin a new playthrough with their characters without the increased difficulty of New Game Plus, to make completion and achievement hunting that much easier.

A second update, arriving this Thursday (October 26), will change how New Game Plus alters Vestiges (Lords of the Fallen's checkpoint system). Right now, almost all Vestiges are removed in New Game Plus, which is quite the jump in difficulty. As of the next update, however, Vestiges will gradually reduce across each playthrough, allowing for a much smoother difficulty curve for long-term players.

Also coming up for New Game Plus in a future update is a modifier system. The patch notes explain that this will allow players to manually alter the frequency of Vestiges. Not only that, it'll bring features that are usually introduced by modders, including optional permadeath and enemy and item randomizers. This feature will naturally need some more time in the oven, though, and is currently slated to arrive "before the end of the year."

Additional improvements brought by the latest patch include tweaks to the enemy 'leashing' system, which greatly reduces the lengths at which enemies will chase you through a level. Enemy density will also be changed, thinning out busier areas on a first playthrough, then adding them back in on subsequent New Game Plus runs - kind of how Dark Souls 2 handled extra enemy placements in its post-game content.

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