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Mineko's Night Market dev apologises for Switch release while working on two patches

After a slightly shaky launch last month, the Mineko's Night Market devs have issued an apology. 

Arriving on the Nintendo Switch last month, this cozy game had a lot to offer, but, unfortunately, suffered from plenty of bugs and glitches. Many players encountered issues during their playthroughs, such as bugs in the HQ, the audio hitching while loading, and a lack of resources for the Ramen Shop quest. 

One Reddit user, Doggotoast, commented on their time with the game asking if "anyone else having issues with loading screens being clunky/music cutting out?" However, they do go on to say how much fun the cozy game has been so far, "this game is super beautiful visually, and the music is great."

Luckily, both patches will remedy any gripes players had with Mineko's Night Market. "To all our Switch players, first off, thank you very much for playing Mineko's Night Market. We apologize for any negative experience you may have had with the game. We are currently working hard on updating the game with patches that will address a number of bugs and issues", the developers said in a Twitter post

According to the devs, these patches have taken a while, thanks to the demands of console processing on the part of Nintendo. This suggests that the timeframe for these patches was largely out of the team's control. However, it looks as though the wait is now over, and players can expect some updates soon. 

"The first patch, which will be coming shortly, was submitted pre-launch and addresses a few minor fixes, including a fix to the Ramen Shop quest. The second patch, which we are hopeful for a release next week [sic], will be a larger patch that addresses a number of issues, including a fix to the HQ quest and many other bugs that are currently (Oct 6th) fixed on the PC version of the game."

This hard work means that players will soon be able to enjoy the fantastic narrative and relaxing tasks of Mineko's Night Market without the added frustration of countless bugs. 

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