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Naughty Bear can now stab Resident Evil characters and Nicolas Cage in Dead by Daylight

Today is Halloween, the ultimate day for spooks and scares. Fittingly, Dead by Daylight just added Naughty Bear as an outfit for the existing playable Killer character, The Trapper, meaning that Survivors like Nicolas Cage and Leon S. Kennedy can now fight for their lives against a murderous teddy bear.

For those unfamiliar, Naughty Bear originates from the 2010 game of the same name that came out on PS3, Xbox 360, and mobile. Like Dead by Daylight, it was developed by Behaviour Interactive (although under the name Artificial Mind & Movement) and features the titular bear taking revenge on the other bears of Perfection Island after not being invited to a birthday party. As such, in many ways, he’s the perfect fit for the multiplayer survival horror.

Although he’s an outfit for The Trapper, Naughty Bear features his own unique Mori (a brutal move that lets a Killer completely take out a Survivor without sacrificing them). You can take a look at it in action in the trailer below.

“This is a fun trip into Behaviour’s history,” Kirby Taylor, product manager on Dead by Daylight said in a news post. “Back in 2010 we released a game called Naughty Bear, and we’re happy to be bringing him back! The team has put a ton of work into this outfit, from adjusting nearly all the animations to developing the systems allowing us to support special outfit-specific Moris. We’ve also added the ‘Visceral’ rarity along with some visual indications in the UI to highlight outfits with custom Moris!”

The Naughty Bear outfit is available to buy in the Dead by Daylight store now - it currently costs 1,485 Auric Cores (knocked down from 1,950). For reference, a pack of 2,250 Auric Cores costs $19.99 / £15.99, a pack of 1,100 costs $9.99 / £7.99, and a pack of 500 costs $4.99 / £3.99.

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