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Over 300,000 players have signed a petition to end the Minecraft mob vote

The Minecraft mob vote is in hot water as players have banded together to demand the end of the annual activity. 

The Minecraft mob vote has accompanied Mojang's yearly livestream, Minecraft Live, for years now. In this, players are forced to vote for one out of the three creatures presented to us to decide which one gets added to the game. Unfortunately, this means a vast graveyard of fantastic mobs is cursed never to see the light of day in vanilla Minecraft

Many of these mobs aren't just placeholders for the winners but actually garner a pretty big fanbase. One of the most loved mobs that failed to get added to Minecraft may be the Moobloom. These colorful cows acted much like Mooshrooms. However, they were yellow and were either covered in dandelions or sunflowers. These lovable creatures would roam the landscape, leaving a trail of flowers in their wake. 

The 2020 winner was instead the Glowsquid, that lights up underwater caves with its beautiful blue glow. While this mob is pretty cool, it's still a shame that the lovely Moobloom had to die in this squid's place. 

This year, before the next mob vote, where players will have to decide between the crab, armadillo, and penguin, fans have taken a stand to call for the end of the ultimatum. Over 300,000 players have now signed a petition to end the mob vote, citing how "the mob vote generates engagement by tearing the community apart". Instead, players hope Mojang will end the vote and simply give them three new mobs a year. 

Players have also created artwork and posters calling for the mob vote to cease. Many of these were posted to Twitter in response to posts related to the mob vote this year. Regardless of your opinion on the annual ballot, it's safe to say it's not as beloved as it once was. 

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