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Phenomenal retro FPS Dusk is getting an HD overhaul for its fifth anniversary

Dusk, a retro throwback shooter inspired by genre legends like Quake and Blood, is getting an HD overhaul in time for its fifth anniversary on Steam.

The update, known simply as Dusk HD, was confirmed via a teaser trailer posted to publisher New Blood Interactive's YouTube channel. The update is completely optional, but will completely revamp Dusk's textures, enemy and weapon models, as well as provide an overall cleaner image that should look great on modern displays.

The Dusk HD teaser trailer doesn't provide concrete a release date, but does state it's coming "on the fifth anniversary of Dusk," which implies it'll land on December 10, 2023. A more comprehensive trailer will be released on October 31, too, as a nice little Halloween treat.

The Dusk HD update isn't just a visual overhaul, either. It'll launch alongside official SDK and mod support. Additionally, all the game's assets will be available to download via Steam Workshop, which likely means we're going to start seeing hundreds - if not thousands - of custom levels for one of the best FPS games in years.

There's currently no word as to whether the Dusk HD update will reach its console versions on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. But it'd certainly be nice to see a version of the game with slicker visuals displayed on the best gaming TVs.

Dusk is quite special in the retro FPS space because it's much more than just a graphical callback. The game features stellar level design in gorgeous and creative environments, alongside a large cast of nightmarish enemies to blast back to the hells they crawled from. It comes highly recommended if you're looking for a super-polished horror FPS experience that successfully marries design sensibilities both old and new.

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