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This dark fantasy RPG inspired by classic roguelikes is now free on Steam

Moonring is a turn-based RPG made by a former Fable designer and it's now free to play on Steam.

The creator of Moonring, Dene Carter, is an industry veteran best known for his co-creation of the Fable series, games that went on to become some of the best RPGs of the 2000s.

Now the game developer has used his expertise to create his very own dark fantasy RPG which he calls a "love letter" to classic retro games that have been lost to time.

"Hi, folks. I've loved RPGs since the early 1980s, and grew up playing games like Lord British's 'Ultima' series and early Roguelikes," said Carter on the game's Steam page.

"This is my love letter to a style of gaming that has largely fallen out of fashion: with its vivid, bright sprites overlaid on stark black backgrounds, true open-world gameplay, and lack of handholding. The days I spent playing these games were spent in joyful exploration and discovery, venturing into the dark unknown, a co-author of the experience, filling in the gaps left by the primitive art with my imagination.

"For those of you who did the same, I hope Moonring recaptures some of the spirit of those days for you. For those who did not, I hope that the more modern conveniences you find in this game allow you to catch a glimpse of what we did 40 years ago. My heartfelt thanks to all who spared even a moment to play this. Please be kind to my mistakes. I will fix them."

In Moonring's world of Caldera, Five moons represent five gods, each with their unique powers that guide the humans, except for the Dreamless who choose their own destiny - the role the player takes on.

Players will discover a massive hand-designed open world, an "infinite" supply of dungeons to get lost in that reconfigure every time you leave or die, over 100 enemy types - including varied boss fights - a hidden magic system, and more.

If you're a fan of retro-inspired RPGs and roguelike adventures, Moonring seems the perfect game to get lost in.

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