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A fan-made Attack of Titan game is available to play for free, and updates are planned for the future

A fan-made Attack on Titan game has been released, allowing players to put themselves into the shoes of the armed forces of Eldia and zip around to take down Titans. And, the best part is - you can play it right now entirely free of charge. 

Swammy (SwammyXO on Twitter), the person behind the development of this Attack on Titan game, has been sharing updates on the development of the game across social media for a number of years and finally took to Twitter to announce its release on November 26. 

In the tweet, Swammy offers a look into the game, spotlighting the fast-paced nature of its content and its high-stakes face-offs with unsettling Titans. In addition, we also get to experience a portion of the game in first-person mode, so you can really immerse yourself in the game. The full video and accompanying tweet can be seen below:

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However, this isn't all. One of the main appeals of the game outside of its rapid speed gameplay is the ability to join friends and come together in lobbies to take down Titans rather than having to face the entire horde yourself. 

In a YouTube video posted to Swammy's channel, development is discussed in more detail. Alongside this, an update system was explained, stating that four to five updates are to come prior to the final build of the game being released. These updates will target things like issues and bugs found during modes, and adding new character models from the series. 

But this isn't the only anime-oriented project Swammy is working on either, and development updates on Chainsaw Man and One Piece games are also being frequently shared to social media, so if you find yourself enjoying Attack on Titan and you want to move on to the next series, hopefully it won't be long until we receive release information for them too. Swammy's own original game, Mecha Attack, is also under development and available to wishlist on Steam.

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