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Atari looking to acquire Digital Eclipse following Nightdive Studios purchase

Digital Eclipse, a developer that specializes in porting classic games to modern hardware, is now set to be acquired by Atari.

The acquisition follows Atari's purchase of Nightdive Studios - developer of the System Shock remake and countless high-quality ports of classic PC and console titles - back in May of this year. As reported by VGC, the acquisition of Digital Eclipse will run Atari up to $20 million.

The purchase of Digital Eclipse will "further support its retro-focused growth strategy," Atari says. Atari CEO Wade Rosen adds that "Digital Eclipse is the best in the world at what they do. They have a deep love and respect for the history of the games industry, and are renowned for developing critically acclaimed projects based on historic franchises.

"Digital Eclipse, along with Nightdive, are in perfect alignment with Atari’s DNA and renewed purpose. I’m personally excited to see where we can push the boundaries of retro innovation together."

The acquisition seems to be a good fit for both companies. In 2022, Digital Eclipse developed the critically acclaimed Atari 50 collection, which details the storied history of Atari with 50 playable games and extras including galleries, arcade flyers and documentaries.

Digital Eclipse followed up with The Making of Karateka, a more focused release in the vein of Atari 50, which details the creation of the 1984 classic and its influence on games in the decades that followed. 

Again, this collection is packed with various versions of the game and a suite of collectables and documentary footage. With such lovingly crafted anthologies now in its repertoire, it's no surprise Atari would be eyeing Digital Eclipse for acquisition.

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