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Cult of the Lamb's next major update is Sins of the Flesh arriving early next year

Developer Massive Monster has announced Cult of the Lamb's next major content, Sins of the Flesh.

Sins of the Flesh will be a free update that is scheduled  to arrive in "very early next year" and is "packed with new features, stories, and more." 

Aside from gorgeous new artwork and a title, we don't know the details of the content update, but the developer asks fans to keep an eye out "in the next couple of weeks" for more from Sins of the Flesh.

It's also apparently posted a lot of hints about the update over the past year, and has encouraged fans to start searching for clues as to what they think will be in it.

“We have been working extremely hard on this update, and there is soooo much more content coming to the game!” the developer added on Twitter

Additionally, Cult of the Lamb is currently 40% off on the Steam Autumn sale, which Massive Monster is calling "one of the BIGGEST sales we have done". If you head over to the game's store page, the game is currently at $14.75 (£11.69), which is down from $24.60 (£19.50). 

The Cult of the Lamb: The One Who Waits bundle - which includes the game and several pieces of DLC like the Heretic and Cultist packs, as well as the soundtrack - is also on offer for $27 (£21.50), instead of $44.48 (£35.26). 

The game recently celebrated its first-ever game collaboration with Don't Starve Together, and for those who have been waiting for the annual sale, you'll be able to purchase both games for just $17.51 (£13.88).

Cult of the Lamb is one of the best roguelike games of recent years and is available to play on PS5Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo SwitchPS4Xbox One, and PC.

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