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Dead by Daylight is adding horror icon Chucky

Dead by Daylight fans are getting a late Halloween surprise as it's just been announced that Chucky, the murderous doll famous for, well, being a murderous doll, is coming to the popular multiplayer horror game later this month. 

Chucky, known for his appearance in the Child's Play franchise, will come with his distinctive look. The trailer for Chucky's addition to Dead By Daylight plays like a toy advert, pointing out that he's a doll to die for. It also shows Chucky's key features: a tiny doll with a foul mouth, a big knife, and the iconic voice of Brad Dourif, returning here for some new voice lines.

“We know Dead by Daylight fans have been clamoring to see Chucky in game, and we’ve been dying to make it a reality”, said Bill Kispert, senior vice president and general manager of business development, Universal Games and digital platforms. 

He adds: “It’s the perfect time for Chucky to unleash his particular brand of mayhem upon players in Dead by Daylight, while he also terrifies them in the latest season of the highly entertaining and always shocking USA & SYFY series.”

“It’s a character that I never thought we could bring into The Fog because of his size”, notes Mathieu Côté, head of partnerships for Behaviour Interactive. “The team has outdone itself to prove me wrong. Players are in for a treat – Chucky in Dead by Daylight really is the unmissable multiplayer horror gaming experience.”

As a Killer, Chucky has a new Slice & Dice ability, letting him lunge forward and attack survivors. However, because he's a tiny doll, he'll apparently be assisted by his human spirit, Charles Lee Ray, when it's time to hook Survivors, or when he's interrupting them during a vault or repair. 

Outside of this, though, his size is an advantage as he'll be able to vault through windows or duck under pallets to keep pace with Survivors. We haven't seen any footage of Chucky in action yet, but it seems like he'll immediately be a distinct menace within the world of Dead By Daylight

It's not the only news we've had from Dead By Daylight this week - earlier this week, it was announced that the Dead By Daylight x Stranger Things collaboration was returning to the game, too.

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