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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s first expansion, A Rift in Time, revealed alongside online multiplayer mode

We learned a lot from the first-ever Disney Dreamlight Valley Showcase, a new live stream format that delivers Disney Dreamlight Valley fans a regular helping of juicy information about upcoming updates. 

Following last month’s confirmation that the game would leave early access this December as a paid release, there were several surprising reveals about what else to expect in the months ahead.

For those not in the know, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulator in the vein of Animal Crossing New Horizons. Rather than living among a population of adorable animals, however, your customizable town is instead filled with colorful Disney characters. Growing crops alongside WALL-E and Daffy Duck certainly has an appeal, and, as a result, the game has been enjoying a successful early access period on PC and console.

The biggest reveal here was easily the announcement of the game’s first paid expansion, A Rift in Time, which arrives in three parts next year. Containing a whole new open-world area to explore, the time-bending Eternity Isle, this expansion focuses on a fresh story following the sinister machinations of Aladdin's Jafar.

Eternity Isle contains three new biomes, the mysterious Ancient’s Landing, the scorching hot Glittering Dunes, and the dense jungles of Wild Tangle. Each of these areas also introduces a host of new characters, including Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and EVE from WALL-E. This additional world is roughly the same size as the one found in the base game and will cost $29.99.

There was also confirmation that an online multiplayer mode is on the way, finally letting you show off your town to friends. This online mode comes as part of a wider free update on December 5 that adds Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas to the game. The update coincides with the release of a newly revealed Apple Arcade version - allowing Apple Arcade subscribers the chance to jump right into Disney Dreamlight Valley on compatible Apple devices.

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